A New Addition to The Blue Zone: Electron Clouds

310C Tube BPF WatercolourElectron Clouds is the latest addition to The Blue Zone.   It was made by feeding an xmod’d dual oscillator source from Minimoog 7751 into a gorgeous 1966 Krohn-Hite model 310-C all tube Band Pass Filter which I recently fixed up.   An external regen path was connected to the tube BPF using a tube preamp to impart strong resonance to the point of near self oscillation.  The result was remarkably effective and the cutoffs were controlled to gently sweep the harmonic resonance points.  Several loops were setup and presented as random round robins.

This download features 4 example patches and 1 multi.   The basic sound is presented as keys, a pad and an arpeggio.  As usual, all of the patches are quite sensitive to velocity.


HideawayStudioLogoD.A.Wilson Sound, Patch Design & Equipment Restoration, Stephen Howell GUI Design & Graphics, Mario Krušelj TBZ Engine Script.     HS-4KL-BZ20 (22/09/13)

One thought on “A New Addition to The Blue Zone: Electron Clouds

  1. Dan, I have just purchased your entire Blue Zone Collection to date!! I am extremely honored to have found such a talented sound designer such as yourself. In my Humble opinion, there are a lot of sound libraries available, but there are only two true inspirations …Dan Wilson, and Stephen Howell. You guys seem to gravitate toward the deeper meaning of Synthesis. Thank you, and please keep me up to date! 😀

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