New To The Blue Zone Series: Chopped Chymes…

Chopped Chymes GUIChopped Chymes is this weeks addition to The Blue Zone Series.  It comes in the form of three instruments… Cosseted Organix is a warm dual layer of a phased organ patch I recently programmed on the Omega 8.  This was washed through a stereo analog chorus and tube EQ and one layer tape processed on the Copicat.   Woodstock Chymes consists of several acoustic recordings of a Woodstock wind chime being struck and the results fired off, round robin, via the arpeggiator.   Phased LFO chopper is a feedback effect passed through a Small Stone Phaser and several random round robin starting points fired off by the arpeggiator throughout the natural phaser cycle.  All three work together quite nicely in any number of combinations…


HS-4KL-BZ18 (07/08/13)

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