New to The Blue Zone: Oil Can Overdrive

TBZ Oil Can Overdrive GUI

It seemed right making this a red one….

Oil Can Overdrive is the latest addition to The Blue Zone Series.  It was made by feeding an X’mod patch from Minimoog 7751 hot into my recently fixed up 1960’s Echo-Reverb Electrostatic “Oil Can” tube delay along with a hand cranked tube generated sine wave to create a feedback effect and the result fed into a Watkins Copicat tape delay. There is a hell of a lot of tube/analog generated magic going on here!!..

Tube Delayed Overdrive Chain


D.A.Wilson Equipment Restoration, Sound & Patch Design

Stephen Howell GUI Design & Graphics

Mario Krušelj TBZ Engine Script

HS-4KL-BZ17 (28/07/13)


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