A New Addition to The Blue Zone: Sustained Infinity…

Sustained Infinity GUI

Sustained Infinity was made by hooking up a Watkins Copicat into a mixer and feeding its output back into the tape delay input but mixed in with a tone from a Minimoog model D to excite it into frequency controlled feedback by tweaking the EQ on the mixer in the regen path. The sliders were ridden to slowly entice and sustain feedback and then carefully held off everything descending into chaotic madness.  Three takes were made and transposed down by several octaves in Kontakt and looped on a random round robin.

Please note there is occasional clipping – the beast was very much tamed by hand and proved almost impossible to prevent completely.

The Blue Zone is a progressing series of experimental instruments released by Hideaway Studio in installments for Kontakt 4.2.4 and above.

Infinity Tape
“This one is too beautiful….absolutely lovely sound”  DavyAch, KVR Forum


D.A.Wilson (Hideaway Studio) Sound Design, Sample Set, Patch, Multi & Demo

Stephen Howell (www.hollowsun.com) GUI Concept, GUI Design & Graphics.

Mario Krušelj Synth Engine Script


HS-4KL-BZ08 (23/03/13)

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