Two New Additions to The Blue Zone Series

Here are two new additions to The Blue Zone Series:   Tri-Phased Intervals and Water Strings

Tri-Phased Int GUI Tri-Phased Intervals was made by feeding a late 1960’s Philicorda GM751 into the Triple Tube Hybrid Phaser – then capturing long samples across five octaves and transposing down and resampling as bailed intervals.  One of only three examples world wide, the Triple Tube Hybrid Phaser is something I conceived a couple of years ago and is an analog processor with a particularly convoluted signal path.  This unique design is in effect three overdriven tube buffered 4-stage analog phaser blocks fed and tapped in a complexHideaway GM751 series parallel chain with tube mixing and multiple feedback paths.  A complex triple LFO generator permits a variable phase spread between each phaser block which permits anything from a deep plunging effect to swirly heaven.   The phaser was setup for maximum swirl and the resulting signal was passed through an analog chorus.  Hideaway Studio_Triple Tube Hybrid Analog PhaserEach captured sample was looped and set to start at random positions in the phaser cycle.  The result is pure organic swirl!

For instant gratification simply plug in your favourite sustain pedal and play an enormous chord… for the next 10 minutes whilst you’re teleported to another place!


“Holy cow that sounds good!”  nofrets, KVR Forum

Play a Big Chord and Sustain…

Moonlight Snow:  A demo of the layered multi bundled with Tri-Phased Intervals…

Water Strings is a multi-sampled composite of various analog sources including the Water Mixer concept (see below), 1938 Novachord #346 and Vocal Resonators – spanning over 75 years of audio technology!  Although there is no doubting the Novachord is a pretty special and historically instrument as is, it is also a superb source of sample material for interesting new and organically loaded sounds!

The Deep Blue:  A demo of a Layered Multi from the Water Strings Download in Action…

TEQ9B Glow


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