A Bundle of Two New Ones For the Blue Zone Series…

This week’s offering comes in a double helping under the general title of Choppersphere… (black, for arpeggiated and wavesequenced fx)

Type 545B Chopper

Tek 1A1 PluginThis is made up of two main instruments…  a curious arpeggiated effect called Type 545B Chopper and  a  warm pad called Composite Chorus and comes in two example forms (Strings) and (Hall Pluck).  There are also three multis in the download:  Choppersphere, Super Hall Pluck and Sustained Hall Pluck.

Type 545B Chopper was the result of one of my more experimental sessions.    The raw sample data was made in a rather bizarre manner by feeding a basic waveform into channel #1 of a 1968 Tektronix 545B tube scope and setting it up to trigger on it.  This resulted in the sawtooth generated by the timebase being in sync with the incoming waveform which was promptly fed back into channel #2 on the scope.    The Type 1A1 plug-in unit was then set to chop mode whereby the two input signals were alternately chopped to create a complex waveform syncronised to the external signal.   The trigger level was then slowly tweaked resulting in a very unusual signal ending up on the vertical signal output.   This was captured and several seconds of sample was programmed up to fire on random round robins with different sample starting points on each.   The harmonically rich waveform was then filtered randomly and a  simple arpeggiator patch setup to sequence the whole thing.1968 Tek 545B Tube Scope

The delay in the default instrument has been configured to run at 120 bpm – this can be tweaked in the GUI to gain the desired effect at any bpm set in Kontakt.   It is quite entertaining to hold down some notes and start tweaking the filter cutoff, filter amount and filter decay settings as well as just about everything else on this one!

The second instrument in the choppersphere download is called Composite Chorus (a red one!) and is based on a composite of a number of string like timbres layered and fed through an analog chorus unit.

Both sounds can be played together and indeed layered with any other sound in the Blue Zone Series.

Tek 545B Chopper Waves

Type 545B Chopper:  firstly played in its default state and then continuously tweaked:

Sustained Pluck:  one of three example multis in the Choppersphere download:

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HS-4KL-BZ05 (08/02/13)

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