This Week’s Addition to The Blue Zone Series…

The hope is to release new additions to The Blue Zone Series every 1 to 2 weeks…

Flux Reversal is a Blue One!

Flux Reversal GUI   This week’s little delight I’ve called Flux Reversal and felt like a blue one to me.   This evolving little number was made with a blend of several layers including three warm gently overdriven tube signal generators, a series of reversed glassy digital hybrid bells and three analog waveforms from old signal generators mixed in a super smooth sequence using a pendulum orbiting in a bath of brine water!  The latter setup I call The Water Mixer and often makes bystanders raise their eyebrows when they catch sight of various test leads and old lab equipment hooked up to a baking tray full of salty water!!…  Things your mom told you never to do – like sticking a knife in the toaster… which, knowing me, I probably tried as a kid! (you forget such events as an ever tinkering electronic engineer after over 30 years of this kind of thing!)…

WaterPendulumMixerThis one works well on it’s own but also sounds rather nice played together with sustained diallings of Anthem Keys…

Triple Tube OscillatorsThere is something quite special about 1960’s tube signal generators.   My good friend Stephen Howell (Hollow Sun) has also picked up on this – how can mixing three free running tube generated sinewaves together sound so sweet? – but they do and whatever is happening is almost impossible to see even when viewed side by side with more modern offerings. Naturally then feeding the results through a gentle tube overdrive adds a slice of sonic magic 🙂

Some 8-bit digital goodness was also used in the making of this one – a curious multi-sampled reversed bell like effect but I couldn’t resist feeding the results hot through one of my active tube EQs.

A 10 triode design of mine, the active tube EQs have been secret weapons in my sound design for some time now are very different beasts to most semi-passive offerings to be found…

Type TEQ-9B Active Tube EQ inout


D.A. Wilson (Hideaway Studio) Equipment Design, Sound Design, Sample Set, Example Patch & Demo

Stephen Howell ( GUI Concept, GUI Design & Graphics.

Mario Krušelj Synth Engine Script


“Sounds absolutely stunning! Icy but yet emotive and melancholic at the same time.  Have just bought all 4 from the series and can’t wait to hear what you come up with next!”  ScarKord, KVR Forum

“I love them coming in such affordable bite-sized bits and pieces. It’ll be cool building up a collection of great, unusual sounds. Keep up the good work!   Just bought the lot.!”  Vicshere, KVR Forum

A Quick Demo: Kontakt 4.2.4 or later required...

HideawayStudioLogoHS-4KL-BZ04 (01/02/13)

One thought on “This Week’s Addition to The Blue Zone Series…

  1. I feel very fortunate to have found Hideaway! After listening to the demos you have provided here, I purchased Flux Reversal, and have been playing this awesome sound for at least an hour now non-stop… You sir, are a sound tweaking genius! Be prepared for a mass sale, as I can’t see not using your beautiful sounds in my Music! Thank you, and keep tweaking! 😉

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