A New Addition to The Blue Zone Series: Triple Phased Halo

Triple Phased Halo GUITriple Phased Halo is the latest addition to The Blue Zone Series for Kontakt 4.2.4 and above. It was made with two tube generated bell ratios each created by feeding mixed dual sine waves from a 1960’s tube infested Panoramic Two Tone Generator fed hot into the Minimoog’s external input with the filter running in self oscillation at a fixed ratio.  The results were passed into the Triple Tube Hybrid Phaser and a number of loops created in Kontakt…

Triple Tube Hybrid Analog Phaser_Internal


D.A.Wilson Equipment, Sound & Patch Design
Stephen Howell GUI Design & Graphics
Mario Krušelj TBZ Engine Script

HS-4KL-BZ14 (02/06/13)


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