A New Addition to The Blue Zone….

Cyclic ResonanceCyclic Resonance is another very organic offering made by creating two lightly filtered wave sequences on a Waldorf Microwave I and feeding them into the Dual Tube Hybrid Filter where both the tube BPF and multimode filter stages were in near resonance with both cutoff CV channels modulated by an LFO. The filter gets caught up in the harmonics as the LFO sweeps across the hot spots and also has the effect of accentuating the inherent noise in a nice way…

Dual Tube Hybrid Filter II

D.A.Wilson (Hideaway Studio) Equipment & Sound Design

– Stephen Howell (Hollow Sun) GUI Design & Graphics

– Mario Krušelj TBZ Engine Script

HS-4KL-BZ09 (06/04/13)

“Just taken ‘Cyclic Resonance’ for a test drive and love it. The sound has a exceptional natural purity and yet maintains its ‘other worldly’ electronic character. Great work Dan, another wonderful and extremely useful addition to the ‘Blue Zone’ catalogue.”
Pete Tytler

“If you own Native Instrument’s Kontakt version 4 or higher you may want to check out some of the beautiful instruments Dan has created. They are exceptional for pads and ambient music in general..  They are reasonably priced and have been really professionally crafted.”  Bobbotov, ambientonline.org

“I am in love with the Blue Zone Series, it has very lovely nuances, and just kinda works all by itself, even a single note.. There is a purity in your signal, its liquid smooth and subtle like wind…. and brings a sense of peace that normal synth pads haven’t in a long long time.”
Forrest Gore aka vaisnava www.atmastudios.com

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