A New Series for Kontakt by Hideaway Studio – The Blue Zone…

The Blue Zone UI

A New Series of Unique Sounds & Textures…

The Blue Zone is a new series of one-off experimental electronic textures and instruments presented with a simple user interface to be periodically interspersed between major releases (there is indeed much work in progress on a new project!).  The plan is that they will eventually form a unique library of more exotic sounds available in single inexpensive installments.

Most of the sounds in the collection will be exclusively created from scratch using combinations of custom tube hybrid equipment, experimental circuits and vintage analog gear.  I have named the first installment after the series, The Blue Zone…

This wispy number was created by three modulated and detuned ramps fed hot into the Dual Tube Hybrid Filter with both the Tube and Multi-Mode stages dancing about self resonance.  The filter cutoffs were hand cranked in unison via a modulation matrix in and out of the harmonic resonance points and the results passed through an analog chorus and sampled in 24-bits.

“A cool producer tool to have in hand when background/soundscapes/tapestry is needed”  Numanoid, KVR Forum

The first installment is now available for download complete with a great GUI by Steve Howell (Hollow Sun) & Mario Krušelj.

Dual Tube Hybrid Filter and Matrix_lr

The Dual Tube Hybrid Filter – One of Only Two Examples in the World

HS-4KL-BZ01b (26/01/13)

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