About D.A.Wilson…

Workshop 01An Electronic Engineer, Sound Designer & Vintage Synth Specialist with a particular interest in combining vintage tube, classic analog and modern digital technologies working as a synth engineer looking after a very considerable amount of vintage studio equipment for Will Gregory (Goldfrapp) and a number of other notable musicians and producers. D.A.Wilson has undertaken several major restorations and produced custom electronic designs for a number of major artists including Jean-Michel Jarre and is also known for fully restoring two out of the world’s four remaining 1979 Crumar GDS and partially restoring 1938 Novachord 346 (the only known operational Novachord in the UK) to playable order.

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1938 Novachord #346

For more on Novachord 346 please visit www.novachord.co.uk.

Tek 500 Tubes

You Can Never Have Too Many Tubes!


General Usage Restrictions & Copyright Notice Applying to All Hideaway Studio Sound Libraries…

Purchasing any Hideaway Studio sound library grants a single user license. Further users are required to purchase their own copies even if they are based on the same site.  The libraries may be used in their distributed form as instruments in any music composition, both commercial or otherwise.  Under no circumstances may the raw sample data, voice groups, example instrument patches or indeed any new instruments created in these products be used as the basis for another sample library or musical instrument. The sample data in these products is protected under copyright.  No third party patches or samples have knowingly been used to create the oscillators or raw samples within these libraries.

– Hideaway Studio sound libraries are only legally available for purchase exclusively from :

Loot Audio powered by KontaktHub

– Any product or manufacturer names or brands mentioned or implied are the property of their respective owners.

Contact Information

If you have any questions please email me at:   dani at  hideawaystudio dot  net

© D.A.Wilson, Hideaway Studio 2012-2021


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