Seasons’s Greetings from Hideaway Studio…

2022 has been a year full of challenges from all directions for so many of us but, rest assured, a lot has been going on behind the scenes at Hideaway Studio. A great deal of vintage studio gear, sometimes supremely rare, has been on the workshop bench this year. There have also been surprises to be had exploring and revisiting much more humble offerings which have genuinely exceeded my expectations on the sound design front. There have been a whole raft of curious sonic experiments too which I have undertaken, a couple of which rendered considerably more interesting results than I was expecting (namely my “Optical Microphone” and “Oramics Analog Optical Waveform Scanner” projects). All of these experiences have rendered a considerable amount of interesting new raw sample material which has shown promise as the basis for potential future Kontakt Instrument releases.

Some have noted its been a while since an official new release from Hideaway Studio – there is no doubting this, but its part because I’m still in the process of working out how best to present some of the more esoteric new material that has been gathering in my archives of late.

In short, rest assured I’m still hugely passionate about my sound design and there is more to come, it just might be a little while longer before the next release…

For those who are curious, and want a little insight into some of the projects I’ve undertaken over the months, feel free to visit my SoundCloud which is regularly updated with test recordings that have been captured live at the bench:

Visit Hideaway Studio on SoundCloud

In the meantime please enjoy my current offerings and I will setup a festive offer or two in the near future for those wanting to add more of Hideaway Studio’s Kontakt Instrument to their collections.

Wrap Up Warm & Wishing You All The Best,

D.A.Wilson, Hideaway Studio.

All Kontakt Instruments by Hideaway Studio are Officially Available From LootAudio…

Please Visit LootAudio For All Hideaway Studio Kontakt Instruments

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