2 thoughts on “HideawayStudioLogo

  1. Hello Dan….
    Just immediately bought the S900 Lib after listening to the demos: very nice work and at this price it is ,for me, given away for free..;-) Thank you so much.
    Have a nice christmas time

    Sid Francis Tepperwein/ Germany

  2. Dan, I saw your website on Rekkerd.org recently and checked out your demos. I got thru the first Orbitone example and immediately bought both of your sample sets. From earthy to epic, it’s all there. What really impresses me is the warmth of the samples. I’ve had some real fun combining both the Orbitone and S-VX Hybrid patches. I think the best thing that can be said of your sample sets is that it inspires me to make music! Great work!!!

    Keep them coming!


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